Download Fallout Shelter Apk for Android

Fallout Shelter for Android Download

Fallout Shelter is a categorized as a Stratagy game.  The game consists of creating your own underground refuge and taking on the role of supervisor. This means monitoring every aspect of underground community life. One of the most important and entertaining parts of the game is Fallout Shelter the actual construction of the shelters.

You need to build all sort of rooms in order to the shelter function and prosper. To build all these rooms you need to raw materials. The best you have are the inhabitants of the refuge. You can let in lots of people and use them for their unique abilities and attributes.

fallout shelter

Description: Fallout Shelter

You will need all types of facilities if you want your population to thrive. After all, this is pretty much an underground city. In Fallout Shelter, there is a bevy of rooms that become unlocked as more dwellers join the community. Each room has its own purpose.

By the way, the rooms can be merged (up to 3), allowing you to produce more at a time and put more dwellers to work in a specific area. In this game simply build a room next to an equal one and they will be automatically combined. Without further ado, let’s talk more about the specific buildings.

Features: Fallout Shelter

  • Many bounces.
  • Ability to educate and change every citizen.
  • In- game purchases.
  • Good graphics.

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Additional Features in Fallout Shelter

  • Fight with Horsemen, recruit Three Dog and get a new Legendary Outfit in the epic conclusion to horsemen of the post-apocalypse.
  • Spice things up as the vault’s new chef sends you on dangerous missions to find the perfect seasoning.
  • Future improvement and tuning of valut-Tec simulation capacitors.
  • Solve a murder mystery, investigate potential alien sightings, and compete in a beauty pageant and so on. You can also download Lineage 2 Apk for enjoying multiplayer game.

Installing Fallout Shelter for Android

  1. Open play store.
  2. Search Fallout Shelter.
  3. Click on the Fallout Shelter.
  4. Click on Install.
  5. Wait for few minutes until installation complete.
  6. Open the game and enjoy it.


Fallout Shelter is an excellent game with a simple, attractive, game play and some beautiful graphics. Maybe we all forgot about this kind of excellent game. The game is categorized in strategy and management so the person who likes to do some strategical thing and management thing must play this game and take an amazing enjoyment.

How to Track WorldNet Express Courier Online

WORLDNET EXPRESS Private Limited is one of the main express conveyance administration suppliers in the nation. WORLDNET EXPRESS gives a tremendous scope of destinations the nation over, through across the board conveyance system situated at vital areas. Offering administrations through ground and air modes, the array of administrations gave by WORLDNET EXPRESS covers sped up, time-touchy conveyance of records/little packages furthermore mass bundle developments at streamlined valuing. For the time-conclusive conveyance necessities of records/little bundles, WORLDNET EXPRESS has on offer its premium item: WORLDNET EXPRESS Gold, which gives submitted time-authoritative conveyance, guaranteed with a cash back-certification. Utilizing front line innovation, WorldNet Express Tracking can give constant reports on transfer conveyance status, while likewise offering a computerized information exchange with its clients.

Services of WORLDNET EXPRESS Courier Company

WORLDNET EXPRESS dispatch concentrates on conveying taking after administrations:

  • Domestic Market – It conveys time touchy packages and records, standard messenger or shipment with ordinary travel time all over India
  • International Market – Time touchy packages and records are conveyed inside 3-5 business days, while less time delicate ones are conveyed inside 5-7 days. It additionally offers to send and bring business trade shipments and import shipments including custom freedom.
  • Value Added Services of WORLDNET EXPRESS Courier for Domestic
  • Shipments or messengers can likewise be reserved with WORLDNET EXPRESS on COD instalment strategy premise where recipient of the shipment purchase the item conveyed and make instalment for the buy to WORLDNET EXPRESS. WORLDNET EXPRESS dispatch gathers the instalment in the interest of sender with ostensible money taking care of charges. Shipment is conveyed to the collector by WORLDNET EXPRESS messenger against receipt of instalment of the conveyed item.

How to track WORLDNET EXPRESS courier online

An essential approach to manage track your dispatcher or your errand person online is by entering your Reference number in the structure as asked on the any dispatch taking after webpage page. In the wake of entering the reference number, simply tap on the PNR status get and enter your waybill number in the tracker box orchestrated on the upper left corner. This number is generally orchestrated on your receipt or confirmation slip given to you.


The developments of your records and non-report bundles are done at very efficient rates with guaranteed time-positive conveyances. Its exceptional premium item known as WORLDNET EXPRESS Gold spreads unique conferred time unmistakable conveyance for little bundles with complete cash back assurance if the package is not conveyed inside stipulated time period.


SBI Debit Card

How To Block SBI Debit Card?

SBI Debit Card Block Online

In this age of advancing technology we have plenty of options developed for our convenience. These developments have led to smoothening of the day to day problems that we face in life. But, these advancements demand utmost care and awareness before you jump into the decision to make use of them.

It is not an easy job to handle the latest technology, because it comes along with a huge responsibility. One of the most convenient changes brought in this era is the use of ATM, from where we can easily get money for our basic needs. And, we are provided with ATM cards which keep us just a swap away from making payments.

SBI Debit Card

Now, the problem we face is when these small sized cards are lost or misplaced. It becomes really troublesome to protect your debit cards from getting misused by defaulters, robbers, etc. Therefore, here are some hacks to save your SBI Debit Cards of any State Bank of India branches from getting misused by risky and untrustworthy hands.

Through Internet Banking Method

  • Sign in to your SBI account via and go to E services present at the top.
  • From this drop down menu select ATM Card Services, and click on the Block ATM option available.
  • Go back to your account and continue the procedure.
  • Select the reason for blocking your ATM Card, give your remarks, and submit it.
  • Following these instructions will automatically block your debit card and will prevent any transaction after this.

“Hint: SBI IFSC Code of a particular branch is required for Online Transactions. You can find IFSC Code, SWIFT Code, and MICR Code from

SBI Card

Through SMS Procedure

  • Send BLOCK XXXX (the last 4 digits of your card number) to 567676 from the mobile number which is registered with your bank account.
  • This 4 digit number can be acquired from the branch of your bank, through internet banking method, or through the mini statement of your previous transaction.
  • This simple process will block your SBI Debit Card and no further transactions could take place after blocking the card.

Through Customer Care or E Mail Service

  • One can contact the SBI Customer Care Helpline Number or send an official E Mail to the mail address mentioned in the website.
  • You can conveniently request the officials or customer care executives to block your debit card.
  • They will block your card and you can protect your account from falling into unsafe hands.

Therefore, by following above mentioned steps you can block your ATM Card and protect it from getting misused by other sources.

UAN Number

Check UAN Activation Status Online

Know Your UAN Status

If you have not activated UAN no and want to apply for UAN no, this article is helpful for you to check UAN status. Here is the short and sweet way to active your UAN no. UAN number is needful when you go to check the EPF balance online at UAN member login portal . Now UAN no is compulsory to have for all EPF holders.

If you have already applied for UAN no, you can also check UAN status from here. Universal Account Number is very beneficial for the employees to use various facilities provided by EPFO portal. Like they can claim PF withdrawal form online, they can generate request for transferring PF amount and many.

How to Check UAN Status

If you have applied for UAN no you can check the UAN activation status through below mentioned steps.

  • First visit to EPFO portal
  • Now select the nearby EPFO registered office location in the drop down list.
  • Now enter your Establishment code and extension code.
  • Don’t worry if you do not have extension code, leave that column blank.
  • Now type 22 digits PF no here.
  • And click to Check Status link.
  • As soon as you submit the details it will soon reflect that your UAN no is available or not.
  • If it is allotted you will be displaying a Your UAN no is allotted to Member ID.
  • Once you get that message, soon click on the top right side of the page.
  • Here enter all the personal information required.
  • After entering all the details click on Get Pin tab.
  • You will receive PIN number SMS in your mobile.
  • Please enter that number in the PIN column
  • Now click to submit button.

Your request is updated and within a week you will receive UAN no in your phone through sms.

After 7 days you do not receive UAN no SMS you can send your request to UAN status through above mentioned steps. UAN no is helpful for those needy people want to claim their PF amount. As well this is also helpful in knowing EPF balance status. So if you do not have UAN no, please generate UAN no through the mentioned process.


best Used car

Checklist for a Used Car to Get the Best Deal

It is not necessary that people will go to buy a new car, there are many times when people consider buying used car. Buying used car has been offering a number of benefits to the customers such as saving on the expense, knowing the reliability and performance of the car and many others. But similar to buying a new car, buying an old car is not that easy. There are a number of things that you need to take care of and of course a long checklist that you may need to follow to get the best deal.

If you wish to get a used car that is perfect in all ways and also is coming within your price range, then here is the checklist for a used car that you should be following.

Proper Research

Before you buy a car, it is a move of a smart mind to gather thorough knowledge about it. You can find anything and everything about a car online. But it is important to know about the car that you need to buy. There are many people who think of a specific car that they wish to buy while others have a budget within which they wish to get a car. If you belong to the second type, then here are a few things that you need to take care of:

  • Number of years the car has been used,
  • Features and performance of the car,
  • Whether it is matching your expectations or not,
  • The price of the car in comparison to the market value of the new car.

Test Drive The Car

Whether it is a new or an old car, take the car for a test drive before you finalize the purchase. This helps to ensure if there exists any discomfort in driving or travelling in the car. Test drive is provided by almost all the dealers till a certain range. Try taking test drive at a few places, before coming to conclusion.

The Payment Mode

Many people think that just selecting the car is the only thing that has to be seen while comparing the dealers. But, in fact there are other things too, that you need to take into consideration before settling on a particular dealer. One such important thing is the payment mode. Not everyone would like to pay the full amount together. At times, it may happen that you wish to start installment system for the car. In this case it is important for you to check for the installment options provided by the dealer.

Buying Certified Old Car

A number of people make this mistake of buying a used car from anybody and from any place. If you buy a used car from an unknown person, you are not sure whether the person is saying truth about the condition of the car or not. A better idea is to Certify used cars in Mumbai. An old car becomes certified when a dealer or a technician works upon the old car and verifies it to be perfect in performance. Often a certified old car comes along with an extended warranty that is an added advantage.

Getting A Deal Online

Though the usual procedure to get a used car should be as above, but now with a number of online services, the tiring job has become much easier. There are a number of sites now available such as the that allows you to browse through a huge number of such cars with the minutest of details. You can do all the research work sitting in the comfort of your home or also from your office.

Getting a new car is not easy, but getting a used car is even more difficult. But to make a perfect purchase, the above mentioned checklist can be followed surely.

SA school Holidays

South Australia school holidays 2017

It’s a fun to know when your school vacations will start. Discover the information on SA school holidays pertaining to the South Australia’s state-run schools. The school holiday dates for the independent and catholic schools may vary. The precise dates are often searched by children and parents to plan other activities and family holidays. South Australia school holiday dates normally occur at similar times every year. But the precise dates and length of the vacations vary more or less. We have shared here the precise dates for start and finish of all the four school breaks in South Australia.

SA school Holidays

As in other states of Australia, SA also has dual semester education system. The total terms are four with each semester having two terms. The school break is the period which follows after finish of a term. It generally consists of 2-3 weeks. Besides school holidays SA, there are other public holidays and pupil-free days during the running school days. The dates of holidays for the school staff may differ by a day or two.

South Australia School Holidays 2017

The school holidays after each term are popularly known by the seasons in which they occur. The very first school holiday in South Australia will start after the end of the first term. It runs from 14th April 2017, Friday to 30th April 2017, Sunday.

Winter school holiday will start on 8th July 2017, Saturday and will end on 23rd July 2017, Sunday. The winter break marks an end of the first semester for the students. The second semester also comprises two terms i.e. third and fourth term of the school year. The third term is followed by a spring break in every school. In South Australia, the spring school holidays will run from 30th September 2017, Saturday to 15th October 2017, Sunday.

Summer WA school holiday are most preferred for family holidays and extra activities. It is the longest holiday period of the all the school holidays. The academic year changes after the summer holidays in all the Australian states.

The duration of the summer holidays in South Australia normally runs through 6-7 weeks. The precise dates of the summer school holidays in Australia are from 16th December 2017, Saturday to 28th January 2018, Sunday.

However, the end of the year dates vary for 12 Year students. It is mostly a school based decisions as students are given the reading vacations. For many 12 year students, SA school holidays of summer break end on the day of their last exam. For precise information, students of year 11 and 12 should contact their individual schools.

Taking the help of Passport Application Status

Passport is an essential document for everyone to have and when it comes out for you to make your document, it is something that you cannot stay away from. Well, passport is indeed something crucial for you to have and as it comes for you to make your own choice then getting your passport is important indeed. The Passport Status Online is an important thing as it comes to play and then when it marks you to make your passport. Well, to go to different countries, the first essential thing which you need to get is a passport and the basic importance of it is that it serves as a necessary document to have.

Have you applied for making a new passport? Well, passport is an important thing for everyone to have but if you have already applied for it you can easily track passport status and also check EPFO claim status down. The Indian government has applied an important procedure which allows you to track all your important documents just when you need them. If you are on the verge of tracking your passport application status, you can now do it easily with the help of these steps:


Step 1:

The first thing that you need to do is to go to the online site by typing the URL So to start off, you can now see that a page has opened with forms in it.

Step 2:

The next thing that you need to do is to look for the File Number as well as the Date of Birth which are important indeed. The best thing that you need to find out is getting the proper fill up of the forms. You can start up Passport application form with selecting the application type at first and then get started. The next thing that you need to do is to confirm and then click on enter. Once you have done this, you can now see that the application status has come up.

Thus tracking down your passport is easy ad you need to go online just to get the accurate result of the tracking procedure. This will indeed give you the best opportunity to go on with it.

challan 280 status

How to Verify Challan 280 Status Online

Challan 280 is one kind of income tax challan given to the person pays taxes. Challan 280 is used to pay income tax online or offline. In this article we are going to show you how you can download Challan 280 form and assess the challan 280 status also. Just you need to download tin-nsdl site and click on the Challan 280 form. You can use net-banking facility to pay income tax online  through this challan. After entering all the details you will receive CIN (Challan Identification No) which is a hard proof that you pay the income tax. You can trace all the details of payment through payer’s counterfoil column placed exactly right side of the page. Enter the details required and you are able to check your CIN no and tax paid amount also.

But still you are not satisfied and want to check that payment is registered on your name, you can check it through Challan 280 status process. This will give you the tension free matter of your tax is paid or registered on your name. Now let us show you the detailed process of Challan 280 status.

challan 280 status

How to Trace Challan 280 Status

  • First go to the tin-nsdl site and click on choose the tax payers option.
  • Now Select the CIN or TIN option and write the CIN no
  • Now the new page will open where you need to submit the relevant details like
  • BSR Code of collecting branch
  • Challan Tender Date
  • Challan Serial No
  • Optional (Amount deposited)
  • Now type the Captcha Code.
  • Click on View button.

This is how one can view the challan 280 status online. This is to inform you that you can trace challan 280 status after seven days of paying tax online. You will receive CIN no, please save it, this is the only proof that you paid the tax and it will also help you in tracing challan 280 status also. Hope you like this article and share this important information to fall who are really needed it.


GOA 10th Board Result 2017 Live at

All those students appeared in the GOA board 10th class 2017 exam can check their Goa SSC 2017 result on site. Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education have launched this site for students to know the exam oriented information online. Students can check board exam date, dates sheet and exam results online from this. Soon the Goa Board exam results are going to be announced and so students be prepared with your roll no. Still VTU 2017 result date is not announced but it is expected to be released in the third or fourth week of May. Keep watching its official site to get the exact date of result.


What is GBSHSE?

GOA Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education established in 1961. It organizes all types of Board exam, syllabus, courses, and exam pattern and exam paper and exam results too. It is a well-acquainted board of GOA. Every year lakhs of students applied for the SSC and HSC board exam. It takes exams every year to evaluate the quality of education of students. It also releases the marks after checking the exam sheets on its official site. Every student who appeared in GOA SSC Exam 2017 can check their online exam scores through the GBSHSE official site, we have already mentioned here.

How to Check GOA SSC 2017 Result Online

· Get in or log in to or

· Once you open this site, check the GOA SSC result link on screen.

· Give a mouse click on that result link.

· On screen one form will appear where you need to enter your exam seat no.

· Enter your exam no/ seat no/ roll no here and click on submit button.

· You have logged in to check your SSC 2017 Result online.

You must enter your roll no correctly otherwise you will be failed to see your result. This is mandatory for all the students to have their roll no or exam seat no with you, because, this is the only proof that you had appeared in the exam. And with this proof only you can check your exam result online.